About the Administrator

The administrator for this site is Keith D. Rogers.  He was born and raised on a diversified grain and livestock farm in Eastern Iowa, and received three degrees from Iowa State University (B.S. in Ag. Ed., M.S. in Ag. Econ., and Ph.D. in Econ.).

Keith’s academic career began in Illinois teaching Ag. Business. When he returned from an international assignment in Thailand, he founded Key Agricultural Services, which he later sold to his partners.

Simultaneously, Keith was building a farrow to finish swine operation on the family farm. The deepening farm financial crisis forced the bank to require the implementation of a hedging program to provide more reliable price projections. Thus, Keith’s odyssey into the world of technical analysis and selective hedging began.

Keith ended his academic career as an administrator in Arkansas, where he retired as Dean of Agriculture and set out to share his experience and what he had learned about designing, implementing, and managing hedging programs. HEDGING WORKS: Myth or Reality?, SelectiveHedging.com, and Selective Hedging LLC are the results of that effort.

If you need help with marketing decisions, contact Keith directly at hedging@grics.net or by calling 309.255.1160.