This web site is a Blog (meeting place) dedicated to helping Agricultural Producers manage price risk more effectively and to increase net realized prices.

Because of the unique experience the site administrator is willing to share, we believe you can learn to monitor major market trends and manage your price risk.

Simply put, the Selective Hedging site focuses on a unique new process of identifying when major trends are changing so that you can take action to minimize losses and maximize gain.

The purpose of the Selective Hedging site is to share this unique process with you. The payoff of the process is well worth the time and effort required. Most traditional strategies leave significant amounts of dollars on the table that you can capture.

Finally, the objective of the Selective Hedging concept is to identify when the major price trend is turning down or up so you can protect or maximize your bottom line.

We hope you find this an effective place to network and share ideas with others who are serious about doing a better job of price risk management.

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