Selective Hedging is Live!

SelectiveHedging, home of price risk management, is live! We still have some minor tweaking to do, but we are live! Actually, a few of you are aware that the site has been up and running for a few weeks, but it has had to undergo several changes because the web building process is a new ballgame.

Much of the winter in sunny Florida has been spent climbing still another steep learning curve for the administrator. I knew what I wanted in general terms, but it took a great amount of effort on the part of a web designer to translate that into a language he understood.

I hope you will be patient for a few more days. All of the tabs on the Resource page are not final as of this evening, and there is still work to do on the forum/bulletin board to get it to operate like I envisioned.

As we pack up to head back to the Midwest this week, I am anxious to get on with the networking so we can help others learn the power of selective hedging based on technical analysis. I hope you will want to register to participate on our bulletin board as soon as we get the subscribe/unsubscribe details worked out. Send us a message on the Contact Us page, and/or keep checking in for new posts.